My personal jukebox

    I collect the recordings of my all-time favourite music artists Genesis, Oasis, and Stereophonics as well as Mayday. My collection includes digital releases featuring these great bands plus related artists, e.g. solo material of band members, for instance. My collection again includes CDs, single CDs, SACDs, Blu-Ray discs, 3D Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, VCDs, Laserdiscs, CD-ROMs and USB sticks - regular releases, re-releases, special editions, re-mixed versions, and promotional releases. Official and original stuff only.

    The items of my collection are listed here. The order is artist by artist, each in an anti-chronological order, i.e. the latest release is always on the top of the list, at least in most cases. So it might occur that a new item to my collection will not be listed on top if its original release date was years ago.
    Please notice the navigation on the left-hand side. I organized the list with sub-levels and sub-sub-levels in order to have my collection presented in the best possible way. It is still growing:
    Currently there are 1250 data sets in the database. Few titles can be found in several categories and therefore they are counted multiple times.
    I bought some of my collectibles in "ordinary" downtown record stores across Europe and the US, some in on-line shops such as amazon, and others, many on eBay and in second hand record stores, and many on flea markets.
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